Service Advantage & Cancelation

For Your Best Experience

Ownership Advantage

At Cavern holidays , instead of acquiring a individual weak at a particular time at a particular resort you can acquire a number of holidays benefits, giving you maximum holiday flexibility.

Your Club’s holiday system works much like a traditional account at you bank. You can save your Ownership week for up to 2 years within the Cavern holiday system.

You can borrow from the upcoming year to extend your holiday in the current year.

The number of holidays necessary to book a particular holiday is determined by:

Size of the membership chosen, the resort rating , leanth of the stay and season of the year. You can holiday anytime of the year, for any duration, at a place of your choice provided you have enough holiday credits to avail your dream holiday.

Your choice of holiday designations includes Cavern Holidays portfolio, IRA ( Internal reciprocal arrangements) resorts and over 2800 resorts of our external providers.

Making Reservations

As a Cavern Holiday owner, making your holiday reservation is as simple as picking up the phone and calling your friendly and professional reservation consultant

Simply have a owner number in hand and they will help you build a dream holiday for you, your family and friends.

Tips of making reservations

• Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance as late as 15 days before check in.

• It pays to plan ahead to ensure that you can reserve the specific accommodation you desire.

• When using your holidays, if the resort of your choice is booked and you cannot alternative holiday, ask to be put on waitlist.

• Cavern Holidays cancellation policy is the simplest and the best in the industry.

Advantage of Bonus Weeks

Here you get a open choice of opportunity to avail maximum weeks or short breaks through our bonus advanced system. These weeks could be unlimited for a choice from the list of designation resorts listed with us.

Bonus time is available throughout the year, but on a more limited bases during the peak holiday months. Availability is better during the off peak season. Simple online portal:

Benefit of Our Holiday Club

As a Cavern holiday club member you have a specific number of holidays, which you can:

Use it – for a lifetime of memorable holidays, whether it is a day a week or more.

Gift it – As a gift with family, extended family, friends or business associates.

Rent it out – if you cannot get away on a holiday you can simply rent it out to others.

Save it – if you don’t tend to holiday any year can take it to next year.

Transfer – As part of your estate to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Cancelation Chart

1. Reservation will be reaccredited to the members account if the reservation is cancelled at least 45 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.

2. For cancelation made less then 45but more then 21 days – 50% of the holidays are re-credited to the members account. For reservation cancelled less the 21 days the member will lose the holiday.

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